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Anytime Mediation is accessible day or night as needed for dispute resolution mediation for those in Melbourne and across the country and world.

If you need expedient dispute resolution, contact us for the mediators who will get it done faster than anybody else.

Reach Resolutions Faster

Anytime Mediation is a high-quality yet affordable dispute resolution mediation service that seeks to help parties reach resolutions faster.

Mediation is faster and cheaper than going to court, and often leads to better outcomes. Instead of having courts take the power out of your hands, speak to a mediator today.

Mediation is a method through which you can contribute to the outcome and negotiate an outcome.

Family Dispute Resolution

Our mediators have a particular focus on family dispute resolution. All lawyers with Anytime Mediation have expertise in FDRP, and we can work with opposite numbers in family law matters.

Commercial Disputes

Anytime Mediation offers services in commercial disputes such as company to company trademark disputes, order disputes, and workplace mediation between employee and employer or between employee and employee.

Civil Disputes

Anytime Mediation can mediate civil disputes such as neighbours issues, and issues between landowners and tenants.

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Mediation Anytime, Anywhere

With a host of experienced dispute resolution mediators and practitioners available, Anytime Mediation seeks to make mediation accessible anytime, anywhere.

We can conduct most consultancies over Zoom, Skype or phone call, with Zoom being our preferred method. No matter where you are in Australia, from Melbourne to anywhere in the world, or what time of day it is, contact the accredited mediators and arbitrators at Anytime Mediation.

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Focus on Family Dispute Mediation

Our mediators and practitioners come from a range of backgrounds including lawyers with experience in Family Law, with a particular specialisation in Family Dispute Resolution and Mediation.

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Supported by Our Wider Team

Unlike other accredited mediators in Family Law, the Mediators at Anytime Mediation have an experienced team of people behind us.

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Using Our Strengths to Your Advantage

We have a wealth of people with different areas of expertise, so we can use their strengths to your advantage. We use the strength of our team to the advantage of our clients.

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